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Nov1 Fun Holidays on November 1

Author's Day

Celebrate your favorite authors and acknowledge their importance in our society and culture. Read more

Zero Tasking Day

Celebrated every year on the first Sunday of November, this favorite holiday of every lazy person, encourages people to accomplish zero tasks. Read more

Other Fun Holidays around November 1

30 Oct

Candy Corn Day

Celebrate the colorful candy popular around Halloween.

31 Oct

Magic Day

Celebrates all things magical on the death anniversary of legendary magician and escape artist Harry Houdini.

2 Nov

Deviled Eggs Day

Celebrate everyone's favorite party snack by whipping up a batch of delicious deviled eggs. Don't forget to add a bit of spices for the extra kick!

3 Nov

Sandwich Day

Celebrate the convenient and the humble sandwich by having sandwiches for all your meals.