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Mar20 Fun Holiday – Proposal Day

March 20 is Proposal Day, a day to pop the question and ask your significant other to marry you.

Hands presenting an engagement ring.

Ask your sweetheart if they will marry you on Proposal Day.


The unofficial holiday encourages people to propose marriage to their significant others.

Rings as a Symbol of Engagement

In many cultures, a proposal for marriage is accompanied by an engagement ring. The ring is usually worn by the female partner for the time between the acceptance of the proposal and the wedding ceremony.

Breaking Tradition

Traditionally, it is the male partner who makes the proposal, but there are some countries where the woman can propose marriage to her sweetheart on a Leap Day. These days, however, these traditions are no longer set in stone and women as well as men can propose marriage to their significant others.

A similar holiday, Propose Day, is sometimes celebrated on the day after Valentine’s Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you have a significant other who you would like to settle down with, take the plunge and ask them to marry you. If you don’t have a significant other yet, today is the day to start looking for one.

Did You Know...

...that the ancient Romans were the first people who wore engagement rings as a way to signify that a person was no longer available for marriage?

Proposal Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Proposal Day Observances
2024WedMar 20Proposal Day
2025ThuMar 20Proposal Day
2026FriMar 20Proposal Day
2027SatMar 20Proposal Day
2028MonMar 20Proposal Day
2029TueMar 20Proposal Day
2030WedMar 20Proposal Day
2031ThuMar 20Proposal Day
2032SatMar 20Proposal Day
2033SunMar 20Proposal Day

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