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Mar23 Fun Holiday – Puppy Day

March 23 is Puppy Day, a day reserved for recognizing the joy and love that puppies bring to our lives.

Give a puppy a big hug today and remember to always advocate for puppy adoption.

©bigstockphoto.com/Bastiaan Schuit

First celebrated in 2006, the unofficial holiday, which is also known as National Puppy Day in the United States, was created by Coleen Paige, an animal behaviorist. The day calls for people to adopt puppies and to work towards putting an end to puppy farms and mills.

Inhumane Treatment

Puppy mills are places where dogs are kept and bred for the sole purpose of selling them. Many mills operate under inhumane conditions and treat dogs only as breeding machines. Old or sick dogs, and those that are unable to give birth to puppies are often left loose on the streets to fend themselves or euthanized. Puppy Day shines a light on these conditions and encourages people to adopt their canine family members. By doing so, it reduces the financial incentives that keep puppy mills running.

Celebrated Many Times a Year

The deep bond between humans and their furry best friends is celebrated several times in a year. Unofficial annual holidays that are dedicated to the canines in our families include Dog Appreciation Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, Work Like a Dog Day, and Hug Your Hound Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you already have puppies, give them an extra hug on this day and show them how much you love them.
  • If you are thinking of adding one to your family, don’t dilly dally. Go to your nearest adoption center and adopt a puppy today.
  • Don’t have a puppy or prefer to have kittens around? Don’t despair, you can spoil and pamper your furry feline on Hug Your Cat Day.

Did You Know…

...that a dog’s nose print is as unique as a human’s fingerprint?

Puppy Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Puppy Day Observances
2024SatMar 23Puppy Day
2025SunMar 23Puppy Day
2026MonMar 23Puppy Day
2027TueMar 23Puppy Day
2028ThuMar 23Puppy Day
2029FriMar 23Puppy Day
2030SatMar 23Puppy Day
2031SunMar 23Puppy Day
2032TueMar 23Puppy Day
2033WedMar 23Puppy Day

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