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Jun7 Fun Holiday – National Doughnut Day

The first Friday of June is annually celebrated as National Doughnut or Donut Day in the United States. The holiday is a continuation of Doughnut Day when members of the Salvation Army provided doughnuts and coffee to service members during the First World War.

Doughnuts or donuts are sweet, fried dough.


The first Donut Day began as a way to cheer up soldiers who were risking their lives and limbs in the trenches during the war. At home, Doughnut Day became a way to raise awareness about the war and to raise funds for Salvation Army's activities on the battlefield. The tradition of serving donuts to raise funds for the organization is still alive in many parts of the US.

The Salvation Army is a charitable Christian organization that works to help the poor and the hungry. It was founded in London in 1865.

Fried Dough

A doughnut is a ring-shaped sweet snack made of fried dough and is usually rolled in sugar or topped or glazed with icing. Doughnuts can also be filled with jam, custard, or cream.

How to Celebrate?

  • Celebrate the spirit of charity that gave rise to this holiday by volunteering for the local Salvation Army chapter or another non-profit organization that works with the armed forces.
  • Visit your local doughnut store to treat yourself to some of these delicious snacks. Many doughnut stores around the world offer free doughnuts to celebrate Doughnut Day.
  • Make doughnuts at home and share them with family, friends, and co-workers.

Did You Know...

...that food historians believe that the doughnut came to the United States via Dutch immigrants in the 19th century?

National Doughnut Day Observances

Fun Holiday: National Doughnut Day Observances
2024FriJun 7National Doughnut Day
2025FriJun 6National Doughnut Day
2026FriJun 5National Doughnut Day
2027FriJun 4National Doughnut Day
2028FriJun 2National Doughnut Day
2029FriJun 1National Doughnut Day
2030FriJun 7National Doughnut Day
2031FriJun 6National Doughnut Day
2032FriJun 4National Doughnut Day
2033FriJun 3National Doughnut Day

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