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Dec20 Fun Holiday – Underdog Day

Underdog Day is celebrated every year on the third Friday of December.

Root for an underdog in your life.


This unofficial holiday owes its name to the term “underdog” popularly used in sports and competitions and refers to someone who is popularly expected to lose.

All of us know of someone who works very hard but never gets recognized for their hard work. In addition, they are usually expected to fail in their efforts. Maybe, you have been in a situation like that? Celebrate all such underdogs and unsung heroes on Underdog Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Remember that it is sometimes ok to be an underdog. It may be frustrating sometimes, but when underdogs win, they tend to upset the expected order of things.
  • If you know of an underdog, tell them to persevere on.
  • If you feel you are an underdog, work harder and shatter everyone’s expectations.
  • Watch the American animated series, Underdog. The series, which aired on NBC in the 1960s, detailed the adventures of Underdog, a superhero who spoke in rhyming verse and wore a caped costume.

Did You Know…

…that the opposite of an underdog is a top dog and in if an underdog wins in a competition, the outcome of the event is known as an upset.

Underdog Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Underdog Day Observances
2024FriDec 20Underdog Day
2025FriDec 19Underdog Day
2026FriDec 18Underdog Day
2027FriDec 17Underdog Day
2028FriDec 15Underdog Day
2029FriDec 21Underdog Day
2030FriDec 20Underdog Day
2031FriDec 19Underdog Day
2032FriDec 17Underdog Day
2033FriDec 16Underdog Day

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