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Nov10 Fun Holiday – Forget Me Not Day

November 10 is Forget Me Not Day. All of us have people in our lives that we care about but are bad about keeping in touch with.

A bouquet of forget-me-not flowers.

Remember those you have lost and those you are no longer in touch with on Forget Me Not Day.


Forget Me Not Day is an unofficial holiday that encourages people to try and reconnect with all those they may not be in touch with anymore.

It is not clear who created this holiday, which is also called National Forget Me Not Day in the U.S.

Alzheimer's Association

In New Zealand, a similar holiday called Forget Me Not Days has been observed on June 5 and 6 every year since 2003. Started by two bank insurances as a way to fun raise for the Alzheimer's Association.

How to Celebrate?

  • Try and contact your long lost friends on social media websites and get talking with them.
  • Send them a note saying that even though you haven’t been in touch you still miss them and care about them.
  • Send forget me not flowers to your loved ones as a way to tell them how much they mean to you.

Did You Know…

…that in some cultures, forget-me-not flowers are used to remember those who die in a war?

Forget Me Not Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Forget Me Not Day Observances
2024SunNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2025MonNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2026TueNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2027WedNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2028FriNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2029SatNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2030SunNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2031MonNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2032WedNov 10Forget Me Not Day
2033ThuNov 10Forget Me Not Day

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