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Jun7 Fun Holiday – VCR Day

Rewind to the past and celebrate the humble Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) on June 7, VCR Day. This unofficial holiday of unknown origins encourages people to learn more about the technology that completely changed the way people watched television and recorded memories.

Old stereos and electronics pile up at a recycling event.

Bring out your old VCR and watch movies!


A major innovation in its day, the video cassette recorder or the VCR was first commercially released in 1956 by American electronics company, Ampex. The VRX-1000 did not become an instantly popular piece of equipment found in everyone's living rooms. This was in large part because of its price tag - it cost a whopping $50,000!

The Rise and Fall of VCR's Fortunes

Over time, as technology developed, the VCR became much more affordable and it became a popular piece of electronics in the 1980s and 1990s. The Telcan made by British company, Nottingham Electric Valve Company, was one of the first commercially produced VCR for homes.

The VCR industry took a hit with the entrance of laser discs and compact discs and its use rapidly declined. Today, the VCR is no longer manufactured.

How to Celebrate?

  • Own a VCR? Or know someone who does? Then have a VCR party! Watch a movie on tape and make retro dishes to serve your guests. What about dressing up as someone who was famous during the heydays of the VCR?

Did You Know…

…that first produced in the United Kingdom in 1963, Telcan is the shorter name for television in a can?

VCR Day Observances

Fun Holiday: VCR Day Observances
2024FriJun 7VCR Day
2025SatJun 7VCR Day
2026SunJun 7VCR Day
2027MonJun 7VCR Day
2028WedJun 7VCR Day
2029ThuJun 7VCR Day
2030FriJun 7VCR Day
2031SatJun 7VCR Day
2032MonJun 7VCR Day
2033TueJun 7VCR Day

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