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Jan20 Fun Holiday – Soup Swap Day

Host a soup swap on the third Saturday of January to celebrate Soup Swap Day.

Overview of a pot of soup stock.

A well-made stock is the base of good soup.


Soup Swap Day is a day to spend quality time with family and friends and share some homemade soup with them to take home.

Started in Seattle

Started by Knox Gardner and his friend in Seattle, Soup Swap Day became an unofficial holiday celebrated all over the United States in 2006. Today, the holiday is celebrated by soup enthusiasts in many other parts of the world.

Healing Broth

Soup is often given to people when they are sick or nursing a cold. Chicken soup is especially used for its soothing qualities. It makes sense, broth made from bones and vegetables are very nourishing and easily digested.

How to Celebrate?

  • Host a soup swap. Have friends and family bring homemade soup in containers. Make sure everyone brings the same number of soup filled containers as guests. Share soup with everyone – each guest should leave the same amount of soup as they come with.

Did You Know…

…that the earliest known record of humans eating soup dates back to 20,000 years ago?

Soup Swap Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Soup Swap Day Observances
2024SatJan 20Soup Swap Day
2025SatJan 18Soup Swap Day
2026SatJan 17Soup Swap Day
2027SatJan 16Soup Swap Day
2028SatJan 15Soup Swap Day
2029SatJan 20Soup Swap Day
2030SatJan 19Soup Swap Day
2031SatJan 18Soup Swap Day
2032SatJan 17Soup Swap Day
2033SatJan 15Soup Swap Day

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