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Jan19 Fun Holiday – Tin Can Day

On January 19 crack open a can of sardines because it's Tin Can Day.

Tin can of sardines.

Tin cans preserve food, like sardines, for years.


While the origins of Tin Can Day are unknown, this unofficial holiday probably wants to honor the humble tin can and to raise awareness about recycling them.

A Revolutionary Invention

Invented in early 1800 by French inventor Philippe Henri de Girard, the tin can revolutionized the military and the world of exploration – soldiers and explorers could now travel long distances without worrying about food supplies or the shelf life of their food.

A Pantry Staple

Despite a few early hitches – tin cans were sealed using lead for a number of years causing lead poisoning - tin cans have now become a staple in most pantries. Food preserved in tin cans does not spoil for long durations and can be easily transported.

Despite the name, tin cans in use today are not completely made out of tin - they are usually made of steel, steel coated with tin, or aluminum.

How to Celebrate?

  • Celebrate Tin Can Day by learning the history of the tin can.
  • Make your meals using canned food only.
  • What about some tin can crafts? Maybe bake a cake in a can or use a can to make a portable phone for your kids?
  • Collect all the tin cans you have and take them to the recycling center.

Did You Know…

…that in Europe, steel from tin cans and other kind of packaging is the most recycled material?

Tin Can Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Tin Can Day Observances
2023ThuJan 19Tin Can Day
2024FriJan 19Tin Can Day
2025SunJan 19Tin Can Day
2026MonJan 19Tin Can Day
2027TueJan 19Tin Can Day
2028WedJan 19Tin Can Day
2029FriJan 19Tin Can Day
2030SatJan 19Tin Can Day
2031SunJan 19Tin Can Day
2032MonJan 19Tin Can Day

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