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Feb4 Fun Holiday – Stuffed Mushroom Day

February 4 is Stuffed Mushroom Day. Also known as National Stuffed Mushroom Day in the United States, this made-up holiday clearly encourages people to make and consume lots and lots of stuffed mushrooms.

Make some delicious stuffed portabello mushrooms at home.

Portabello mushrooms are just one of the many mushrooms one can stuff and bake.


A popular party dish, stuffed mushrooms are made by removing the stems and stuffing the resulting hollow space with meat and vegetable filling. Stuffed mushrooms are usually savory and are typically sprinkled with breadcrumbs and cheese and baked before being served.

Meat for Vegetarians

Mushrooms are the fleshy parts of fungi that bear spores. In many cultures, they are an integral part of the cuisine and are a prominent source of dietary minerals and vitamin B. Mushrooms are low calories and have low amounts of carbohydrates, making them an ideal diet food.

While mushrooms are botanically neither fruits or vegetables, in many parts of the world, they are considered safe for vegetarians to consume and are often considered to be a meat substitute.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make a huge batch of stuffed mushrooms and have them for all your meals of the day. Start will egg and bacon stuffed mushrooms for breakfast, have sausage stuffed mushrooms for lunch, and end the day with sweet potato and parmesan stuffed mushrooms.
  • Host a stuffed mushrooms party. Have your guests bring their favorite stuffed mushrooms to share.

Did You Know…

...that a person or an animal who eats mushrooms and fungi for nutrition is called a mycophagist?

Stuffed Mushroom Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Stuffed Mushroom Day Observances
2024SunFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2025TueFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2026WedFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2027ThuFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2028FriFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2029SunFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2030MonFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2031TueFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2032WedFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day
2033FriFeb 4Stuffed Mushroom Day

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