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May3 Fun Holiday – Space Day

Space Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday of May. An unofficial educational holiday created in 1997 by Lockheed Martin, Space Day aims to promote the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields among young people.

Learn more about outer space on Space Day.


The day also encourages the public and especially the youth to learn more about space and space exploration.

Space, also called outer space refers to the void that exists between the Earth's upper atmosphere and other celestial bodies in the known and unknown universe. While the term space might make it seem like the vast expanse of the universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere is empty, it is in fact, not empty at all. Space is full of different form of radiation and lots of debris from the formation of our solar system. Some of this debris is in the form of meteors, comets, and asteroids.

The unofficial holiday is also sometimes known as International Space Day or National Space Day.

How to Celebrate

  • Look for Space Day events close to you and take the young people in your life to attend some of these events.
  • If you do not have any events close to you, why not create one?
  • Visit your closest space museum and spend the day exploring the exhibitions and learn more about astronomy.

Did You Know…

...that one cannot hear any sound in space? Sound travels from one point to another by making vibrations in molecules and atoms. Because there is no air, and therefore no medium through which sound can travel, outer space is eerily quiet.

Space Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Space Day Observances
2024FriMay 3Space Day
2025FriMay 2Space Day
2026FriMay 1Space Day
2027FriMay 7Space Day
2028FriMay 5Space Day
2029FriMay 4Space Day
2030FriMay 3Space Day
2031FriMay 2Space Day
2032FriMay 7Space Day
2033FriMay 6Space Day

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