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Oct4 Fun Holiday – Taco Day

Lettuce taco 'bout Taco Day. It's on October 4 and that gives you the perfect excuse to spend the entire day eating tacos.

Mexican tacos with beef and corn tortilla.

Visit your local taco truck or taqueria to celebrate Taco Day.


A traditional Mexican version of the sandwich, a taco is a tortilla stuffed with filling. Usually made of corn or wheat, the tortilla can be filled with beef, chicken, vegetables, pork or seafood and served with cheese, cilantro or onions as garnish.

Different Kinds

In Mexico, tacos are generally associated with fresh tortillas, while in the United States, one can find many different types of tacos. Some of these include hard shelled tacos, made of deep fried U shaped tortillas; fried tacos, which are made by frying tortillas stuffed with filling; and tacodillas which is made by stuffing cheese between two tortillas and then adding a filling to the top tortilla.

How to Celebrate?

  • With tacos, lots and lots of tacos! Start the day with breakfast tacos - eggs, bacon and breakfast sausage wrapped in a tortilla. Have a vegetarian taco with beans, rice, jalapeño peppers and guacamole for lunch and delicious pork, beef or chicken tacos for dinner. Finish the day with dessert tacos - tacos filled with ice cream, fruit or cream and topped with chocolate or fruit sauce.
  • Experiment with the flavors of the taco filling. What about making some Korean-inspired tacos by adding some kimchi or an Indian version of the taco with some curried chicken?

Did You Know…

…that in 18th century Mexico, tacos referred to pieces of paper that Mexican miners wrapped around gunpowder to make holes in mines?

Taco Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Taco Day Observances
2024FriOct 4Taco Day
2025SatOct 4Taco Day
2026SunOct 4Taco Day
2027MonOct 4Taco Day
2028WedOct 4Taco Day
2029ThuOct 4Taco Day
2030FriOct 4Taco Day
2031SatOct 4Taco Day
2032MonOct 4Taco Day
2033TueOct 4Taco Day

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