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Oct1 Fun Holiday – Card Making Day

Need a special way to tell your loved ones how much you care for them? Why not hand make a card for them on Card Making Day?

Family making holiday cards.

Make your life easier by making holiday cards today.


Celebrated annually on the first Saturday in October, the day first began in 2006 and was created by Paper Craft magazine as a way to encourage crafters to get a head start on the holiday season.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make a few handmade cards.
  • Get together with friends and family and have a craft party – create multiple cards and exchange them, so you will have several different unique cards to send to your family and friends during the holidays.

Did You Know…

…that the ancient Chinese used to exchange new year messages?

Card Making Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Card Making Day Observances
2022SatOct 1Card Making Day
2023SatOct 7Card Making Day
2024SatOct 5Card Making Day
2025SatOct 4Card Making Day
2026SatOct 3Card Making Day
2027SatOct 2Card Making Day
2028SatOct 7Card Making Day
2029SatOct 6Card Making Day
2030SatOct 5Card Making Day
2031SatOct 4Card Making Day

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