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Oct4 Fun Holiday – World Smile Day

The first Friday of October every year is celebrated around the globe as World Smile Day. The unofficial holiday encourages people to do acts of kindness to spread good will and cheer.

Children friends smiling.

Smile and make others smile on World Smile Day.


First started in 1999 by the creator of the smiley, Harvey Ball, the holiday celebrates the intent behind the now universally recognized icon - to bring a smile of the faces of people around the world. The purpose of the holiday was the move away from the commercialization of the smiley and to use it as a symbol of kindness and affection.

Morale Booster

The smiley made its debut in 1963 as a way to increase the morale of the employees of a life insurance company. Today, it is one of the most popular nonverbal ways to convey joy, happiness and cheer. The smiley face began as a bright yellow circle with two dots to represent eyes and a black line that represents a smiling mouth.


Today, there are many different versions of the smiley, representing many other human emotions such a sadness, surprise, worry and laughter. In modern texting smileys are used to express emotions in online conversations on a smartphone or on a computer. The practice has its origin in Japan, and the smileys and other icons are known as emoji.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make people around you smile.
  • Do a random act of kindness. Buy a stranger a coffee. Compliment someone. Give your seat up to someone on the bus.
  • Surprise someone in your family with a visit, cook a meal for them, or do something special for them.
  • Volunteer your time and/ or money at a local nonprofit organization.

Did You Know...

...that babies are born with the ability to smile?

World Smile Day Observances

Fun Holiday: World Smile Day Observances
2024FriOct 4World Smile Day
2025FriOct 3World Smile Day
2026FriOct 2World Smile Day
2027FriOct 1World Smile Day
2028FriOct 6World Smile Day
2029FriOct 5World Smile Day
2030FriOct 4World Smile Day
2031FriOct 3World Smile Day
2032FriOct 1World Smile Day
2033FriOct 7World Smile Day

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