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Dec20 Fun Holiday – Sangria Day

December 20 is Sangria Day. This unofficial holiday encourages people around the world to enjoy the day with a tall glass of the delicious alcoholic beverage.

Young woman drinking sangria with friends.

Treat yourself to a glass of sangria.


Typically made of red wine, sangria is a beverage that originated from Spain and Portugal. Usually, the wine is steeped with a variety of that is infused with a variety of chopped fruits and sugar for a few days before being consumed.

How to Celebrate?

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are that you are dreaming of a warm sunny day and a cool drink, and if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you are probably looking for a cold drink to cool you down. No matter where you are on Earth, here are some ways you can celebrate Sangria Day:

  • Make a huge batch of sangria and share with family and friends.
  • Experiment with different kinds of wine and fruits to change the flavor profile of the Sangria you make.
  • Don't drink alcohol? No problem. Make yourself a batch of non-alcoholic sangria with ginger ale or any other sparkling fruit juice of your choice.

Did You Know…

…that the term Sangria comes from the Spanish word for bleeding? This is because the beverage is typically made of red wine, which is deep red in color.

Sangria Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Sangria Day Observances
2024FriDec 20Sangria Day
2025SatDec 20Sangria Day
2026SunDec 20Sangria Day
2027MonDec 20Sangria Day
2028WedDec 20Sangria Day
2029ThuDec 20Sangria Day
2030FriDec 20Sangria Day
2031SatDec 20Sangria Day
2032MonDec 20Sangria Day
2033TueDec 20Sangria Day

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