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Feb2 Fun Holiday – Work Naked Day

Do you dream of working from home in your most comfortable attire? Then Work Naked Day on the first Friday of February is the holiday for you.

Ask your manager if you can work from home on Work Naked Day.

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Created by author and home office expert, Lisa Kanare, the holiday is not about working without clothes (though you certainly can, if you would like to), but is about working from the comfortable confines of your home.

Working from home not an option? In April, you can wear your pajamas to work.

How to Celebrate?

  • Ask your boss or supervisor if you can work from home.
  • Remember, you don’t have to work naked from home if you do not want to. Wear your most comfortable pajamas and work in your home office or your backyard or from your couch.
  • If you do decide to work naked, make sure you do not have any official teleconferences.
  • If you run a company, what about instituting a work from home program?

Did You Know...

...that research has shown that those who work from home offices tend to be more productive and happier than those who are forced to come to work every day?

Work Naked Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Work Naked Day Observances
2024FriFeb 2Work Naked Day
2025FriFeb 7Work Naked Day
2026FriFeb 6Work Naked Day
2027FriFeb 5Work Naked Day
2028FriFeb 4Work Naked Day
2029FriFeb 2Work Naked Day
2030FriFeb 1Work Naked Day
2031FriFeb 7Work Naked Day
2032FriFeb 6Work Naked Day
2033FriFeb 4Work Naked Day

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