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Jan2 Fun Holiday – Buffet Day

Want to hit the buffet table one last time before you start your New Year’s resolution? Then Buffet Day on January 2 is the fun food holiday for you.

Wear your favorite stretchy pants and enjoy a wide variety of dishes on Buffet Day.


How to Celebrate?

  • Visit your favorite buffet restaurant for lunch or dinner and try every dish on the buffet table. Just make sure you have time to nap after your meal.
  • Get together with friends to host a buffet lunch or dinner at home.
  • Host a themed potluck buffet where everyone brings a dish or 2 that fits the theme. Here are some ideas: sandwich buffet, salad buffet or a bacon buffet - where all dishes have to have bacon in them.

Did You Know…

…that the idea of a buffet table originated from an alcoholic beverage serving system in Sweden?

Buffet Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Buffet Day Observances
2024TueJan 2Buffet Day
2025ThuJan 2Buffet Day
2026FriJan 2Buffet Day
2027SatJan 2Buffet Day
2028SunJan 2Buffet Day
2029TueJan 2Buffet Day
2030WedJan 2Buffet Day
2031ThuJan 2Buffet Day
2032FriJan 2Buffet Day
2033SunJan 2Buffet Day

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