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Apr23 Fun Holiday – Lover's Day

April 23 is Lover's Day, a day to celebrate your significant other and let them know how much they mean to you.

Couple enjoying the view together at sunset.

Celebrate your lover today.


While the origin of Lover's Day is a mystery, some sources believe that the unofficial holiday is based on St. George's Day, a religious holiday celebrated in many parts of Europe.

Other Versions

Some countries have their own versions of Lover's Day. Brazilians for example, celebrate Lover's Day, also called Dia dos Namorados, on June 12.

Lover's Day is also known as National Lover's Day in the US.

How to Celebrate?

Missed Valentine’s Day? No worries. Now, you have a chance at a do-over. Here are some ideas on how you can make your lover feel special on Lover's Day:

  • Do something thoughtful and special for your loved one. Maybe do their errands for them or make their favorite dish for dinner.
  • Since Lover's Day has not yet been taken over by commercial interests, you can celebrate it in your own style without the pressures of having to go all out. For example, make them a handmade gift, clean up their closet, watch that movie you hate but they love, write a poem, take them out dancing, go to the carnival, throw a party in their honor, surprise them with a weekend getaway.
  • It is almost spring in the Northern Hemisphere, so what about surprising your loved one with a spring picnic? Pack some bubbly, some of his or her favorite candy and let the romance bloom!
  • If you are planning on getting married soon, choose April 23 as your wedding date. It certainly is less clichéd and common.
  • It is also Take a Chance Day on April 23, so why not take a chance on love and let that special someone know how much they mean to you?

Did You Know...

...that in some countries women can propose marriage to their significant others only on a Leap Day?

Lover's Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Lover's Day Observances
2024TueApr 23Lover's Day
2025WedApr 23Lover's Day
2026ThuApr 23Lover's Day
2027FriApr 23Lover's Day
2028SunApr 23Lover's Day
2029MonApr 23Lover's Day
2030TueApr 23Lover's Day
2031WedApr 23Lover's Day
2032FriApr 23Lover's Day
2033SatApr 23Lover's Day

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