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Apr23 Fun Holiday – Take a Chance Day

Take A Chance Day on April 23 is the perfect excuse for you to play with some odds and venture out into unchartered territories.

Take chances in a board game.

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The origins of Take A Chance Day are unknown, though we think the creators of the unofficial holiday wanted people to put away their inhibitions and their fear of failure and do something bold and risky.

Might Fail

In the English language, take a chance is an idiom that refers to doing something that has a high likelihood of failure. Usually, when people take a chance they are risking the possibility of failure or misfortune. In mathematics, the word chance has a very specific meaning - it refers to the possibility of the occurrence of a certain event.

The holiday is also known as National Take a Chance Day in the US.

How to Celebrate?

  • Take that leap of faith and do something big.
  • Overcome your fears and do something adventurous. What about bungee jumping or learning how to fly an aircraft?
  • Since today is also Lover’s Day, why not take a chance in love and tell that special one how much they mean to you?
  • Make Swedish pop group, ABBA's song Take a Chance on Me, your anthem for this day.

Did You Know…

…that if you were in a group of 23 people, there is a 50% chance that you will meet someone who shares your birthday?

Take a Chance Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Take a Chance Day Observances
2024TueApr 23Take a Chance Day
2025WedApr 23Take a Chance Day
2026ThuApr 23Take a Chance Day
2027FriApr 23Take a Chance Day
2028SunApr 23Take a Chance Day
2029MonApr 23Take a Chance Day
2030TueApr 23Take a Chance Day
2031WedApr 23Take a Chance Day
2032FriApr 23Take a Chance Day
2033SatApr 23Take a Chance Day

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