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Fun Holidays - Fun, Wacky & Trivial Holidays

Fun Holidays - Full Year
DateWeekdayHoliday name
Jan 1MondayPolar Bear Plunge Day
Jan 2TuesdayBuffet Day
Jan 2TuesdayRun It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day
Jan 2TuesdayScience Fiction Day
Jan 3WednesdayFruitcake Toss Day
Jan 3WednesdayFestival of Sleep Day
Jan 4ThursdayTrivia Day
Jan 5FridayBird Day
Jan 6SaturdayBean Day
Jan 7SundayOld Rock Day
Jan 8MondayEarth's Rotation Day
Jan 8MondayClean Off Your Desk Day
Jan 9TuesdayStatic Electricity Day
Jan 9TuesdayWord Nerd Day
Jan 10WednesdayCut Your Energy Costs Day
Jan 11ThursdayLearn Your Name in Morse Code Day
Jan 12FridayMarzipan Day
Jan 13SaturdayMake Your Dreams Come True Day
Jan 14SundayOrganize Your Home Day
Jan 15MondayStrawberry Ice Cream Day
Jan 16TuesdayNothing Day
Jan 17WednesdayBenjamin Franklin Day
Jan 17WednesdayKid Inventors' Day
Jan 17WednesdayDitch New Year's Resolution Day
Jan 18ThursdayThesaurus Day
Jan 19FridayTin Can Day
Jan 19FridayPopcorn Day
Jan 20SaturdaySoup Swap Day
Jan 20SaturdayPenguin Awareness Day
Jan 21SundaySquirrel Appreciation Day
Jan 22MondayHot Sauce Day
Jan 23TuesdayHandwriting Day
Jan 24WednesdayCompliment Day
Jan 24WednesdayMacintosh Computer Day
Jan 25ThursdayOpposite Day
Jan 26FridaySpouse's Day
Jan 27SaturdayChocolate Cake Day
Jan 27Saturdaye-Day
Jan 28SundayData Privacy Day
Jan 29MondayPuzzle Day
Jan 30TuesdayCroissant Day
Jan 31WednesdayBackwards Day
Feb 2FridayWork Naked Day
Feb 2FridayDay of the Crêpe
Feb 2FridayPlay Your Ukulele Day
Feb 3SaturdayEat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
Feb 3SaturdayCarrot Cake Day
Feb 4SundayThank Your Mailman Day
Feb 4SundayCreate a Vacuum Day
Feb 4SundayStuffed Mushroom Day
Feb 5MondayNational Weatherperson's Day
Feb 5MondayChocolate Fondue Day
Feb 6TuesdayLame Duck Day
Feb 7Wednesdaye-Day
Feb 7WednesdaySend a Card to a Friend Day
Feb 8ThursdayLaugh and Get Rich Day
Feb 9FridayToothache Day
Feb 9FridayBagel and Lox Day
Feb 10SaturdayUmbrella Day
Feb 11SundayMake a Friend Day
Feb 11SundayDon't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
Feb 12MondayClean Out Your Computer Day
Feb 12MondayDarwin Day
Feb 13TuesdayWorld Radio Day
Feb 14WednesdayFerris Wheel Day
Feb 14WednesdayLibrary Lovers Day
Feb 15ThursdayGumdrop Day
Feb 16FridayDo a Grouch a Favor Day
Feb 17SaturdayRandom Act of Kindness Day
Feb 18SundayBattery Day
Feb 19MondayChocolate Mint Day
Feb 22ThursdaySingle Tasking Day
Feb 22ThursdayBe Humble Day
Feb 23FridayInternational Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Feb 24SaturdayTortilla Chip Day
Feb 24SaturdayWorld Sword Swallowers Day
Feb 26MondayPistachio Day
Feb 26MondayTell a Fairy Tale Day
Feb 27TuesdayNo Brainer Day
Feb 28WednesdayPublic Sleeping Day
Mar 1ThursdayWorld Compliment Day
Mar 1ThursdayPlan a Solo Vacation Day
Mar 2FridayOld Stuff Day
Mar 3SaturdayI Want You to be Happy Day
Mar 4SundayMarch Forth and Do Something Day
Mar 5MondayLearn What Your Name Means Day
Mar 5MondayCinco de Marcho
Mar 6TuesdayDentist’s Day
Mar 7WednesdayAlexander Graham Bell Day
Mar 8ThursdayProofreading Day
Mar 10SaturdayMario Day
Mar 11SundayOatmeal Nut Waffle Day
Mar 12MondayNapping Day
Mar 12MondayAlfred Hitchcock Day
Mar 13TuesdayJewel Day
Mar 14WednesdayPi Day
Mar 15ThursdayEverything You Think is Wrong Day
Mar 15ThursdayAbsolutely Incredible Kid Day
Mar 16FridayEvery Thing You Do is Right Day
Mar 17SaturdaySubmarine Day
Mar 18SundayAwkward Moments Day
Mar 19MondayLet's Laugh Day
Mar 20TuesdayWorld Storytelling Day
Mar 20TuesdayProposal Day
Mar 21WednesdayCommon Courtesy Day
Mar 22ThursdayInternational Goof Off Day
Mar 23FridayOK Day
Mar 23FridayPuppy Day
Mar 23FridayNear Miss Day
Mar 24SaturdayChocolate Covered Raisins Day
Mar 25SundayWaffle Day
Mar 25SundayTolkien Reading Day
Mar 26MondayMake Up Your Own Holiday Day
Mar 27TuesdaySpanish Paella Day
Mar 28WednesdaySomething on a Stick Day
Mar 29ThursdaySmoke and Mirrors Day
Mar 30FridayTake a Walk in the Park Day
Mar 31SaturdayBunsen Burner Day
Apr 1SundayFun at Work Day
Apr 3TuesdayWorld Party Day
Apr 4WednesdayTell a Lie Day
Apr 5ThursdayRead a Road Map Day
Apr 5ThursdayFirst Contact Day
Apr 6FridayWalk to Work Day
Apr 6FridaySorry Charlie Day
Apr 10TuesdayBe Kind to Lawyers Day
Apr 10TuesdaySiblings Day
Apr 11WednesdayBarbershop Quartet Day
Apr 12ThursdayGrilled Cheese Day
Apr 12ThursdayYuri's Night
Apr 13FridayScrabble Day
Apr 14SaturdayInternational Moment of Laughter Day
Apr 14SaturdayReach as High as You Can Day
Apr 14SaturdayLook up the Sky Day
Apr 16MondayEggs Benedict Day
Apr 16MondayWear Pajamas to Work Day
Apr 17TuesdayHaiku Poetry Day
Apr 18WednesdayColumnist Day
Apr 20FridayLook Alike Day
Apr 21SaturdayRecord Store Day
Apr 21SaturdayAstronomy Day
Apr 22SundayJelly Bean Day
Apr 23MondayTake a Chance Day
Apr 23MondayImpossible Astronaut Day
Apr 23MondayLover's Day
Apr 25WednesdayDNA Day
Apr 26ThursdayPoem in Your Pocket Day
Apr 26ThursdayTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Apr 26ThursdayPretzel Day
Apr 26ThursdayRichter Scale Day
Apr 27FridayWorld Pinhole Photography Day
Apr 29SundayZipper Day
Apr 30MondayHonesty Day
May 1TuesdayBatman Day
May 4FridayNo Pants Day
May 4FridaySpace Day
May 4FridayStar Wars Day
May 5SaturdayHerb Day
May 5SaturdayFree Comic Book Day
May 6SundayBeverage Day
May 9WednesdayNational School Nurse Day
May 9WednesdayEurope Day
May 9WednesdayLost Sock Memorial Day
May 10ThursdayClean Up Your Room Day
May 11FridayTwilight Zone Day
May 11FridayEat What You Want Day
May 12SaturdayLimerick Day
May 13SundayFrog Jumping Day
May 14MondayDance Like a Chicken Day
May 15TuesdayChocolate Chip Day
May 17ThursdayPack Rat Day
May 18FridayPizza Party Day
May 18FridayNo Dirty Dishes Day
May 19SaturdayMay Ray Day
May 20SundayBe a Millionaire Day
May 21MondayTalk Like Yoda Day
May 22TuesdayBuy a Musical Instrument Day
May 24ThursdayScavenger Hunt Day
May 25FridaySing Out Day
May 25FridayTowel Day
May 26SaturdayWorld Lindy Hop Day
May 27SundaySun Screen Day
May 28MondayHamburger Day
May 29TuesdayPut a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
May 30WednesdayMy Bucket's Got a Hole Day
May 31ThursdayMacaroon Day
Jun 1FridaySay Something Nice Day
Jun 1FridayNational Doughnut Day
Jun 2SaturdayLeave the Office Early Day
Jun 3SundayRepeat Day
Jun 4MondayLeave the Office Early Day
Jun 4MondayHug Your Cat Day
Jun 6WednesdayDrive-In Movie Day
Jun 7ThursdayVCR Day
Jun 8FridayBest Friends Day
Jun 9SaturdayDonald Duck Day
Jun 10SundayIced Tea Day
Jun 11MondayCorn on the Cob Day
Jun 12TuesdayRed Rose Day
Jun 13WednesdaySewing Machine Day
Jun 14ThursdayBourbon Day
Jun 15FridayNature Photography Day
Jun 16SaturdayWorld Juggling Day
Jun 16SaturdayBloomsday
Jun 17SundayEat Your Vegetables Day
Jun 18MondayInternational Picnic Day
Jun 18MondayInternational Panic Day
Jun 19TuesdaySauntering Day
Jun 21ThursdayDaylight Appreciation Day
Jun 22FridayTake Your Dog to Work Day
Jun 22FridayOnion Ring Day
Jun 23SaturdayTypewriter Day
Jun 24SundaySwim a Lap Day
Jun 25MondayPlease Take my Children to Work Day
Jun 26TuesdayChocolate Pudding Day
Jun 27WednesdayHelen Keller Day
Jun 28ThursdayTau Day
Jun 29FridayCamera Day
Jun 30SaturdayMeteor Watch Day
Jul 1SundayInternational Joke Day
Jul 2MondayI Forgot Day
Jul 2MondayWorld UFO Day
Jul 3TuesdayCompliment Your Mirror Day
Jul 3TuesdayInternational Plastic Bag Free Day
Jul 4WednesdaySidewalk Egg Frying Day
Jul 5ThursdayWorkaholics Day
Jul 6FridayWorld Kissing Day
Jul 7SaturdayTell the Truth Day
Jul 8SundayVideo Games Day
Jul 8SundayMath 2.0 Day
Jul 9MondaySugar Cookie Day
Jul 10TuesdayTeddy Bears' Picnic Day
Jul 10TuesdayClerihew Day
Jul 11WednesdayCheer Up the Lonely Day
Jul 12ThursdaySimplicity Day
Jul 13FridayEmbrace Your Geekness Day
Jul 14SaturdayPandemonium Day
Jul 15SundayGummi Worm Day
Jul 15SundayIce Cream Day
Jul 16MondayCorn Fritters Day
Jul 17TuesdayYellow Pig Day
Jul 17TuesdayWorld Emoji Day
Jul 18WednesdayInsurance Nerd Day
Jul 18WednesdayCaviar Day
Jul 19ThursdayStick Out Your Tongue Day
Jul 20FridaySpace Exploration Day
Jul 21SaturdayJunk Food Day
Jul 22SundayPi Approximation Day
Jul 23MondayVanilla Ice Cream Day
Jul 24TuesdayCousins Day
Jul 25WednesdayCulinarians Day
Jul 26ThursdayUncle and Aunt Day
Jul 27FridayTake your Pants for a Walk Day
Jul 28SaturdayMilk Chocolate Day
Jul 29SundayLasagna Day
Jul 30MondayNational Cheesecake Day
Jul 31TuesdayUncommon Musical Instrument Day
Aug 1WednesdayGirlfriend's Day
Aug 2ThursdayIce Cream Sandwich Day
Aug 3FridayWatermelon Day
Aug 3FridayInternational Beer Day
Aug 4SaturdaySingle Working Women's Day
Aug 5SundaySisters' Day
Aug 5SundayWork Like a Dog Day
Aug 6MondayFresh Breath Day
Aug 7TuesdayLighthouse Day
Aug 8WednesdayHappiness Happens Day
Aug 9ThursdayBook Lovers Day
Aug 10FridayLazy Day
Aug 11SaturdaySon and Daughter Day
Aug 12SundayMiddle Child Day
Aug 13MondayLeft-Handers Day
Aug 14TuesdayCreamsicle Day
Aug 15WednesdayRelaxation Day
Aug 16ThursdayTell a Joke Day
Aug 17FridayThrift Shop Day
Aug 18SaturdayMail Order Catalog Day
Aug 19SundayWorld Photo Day
Aug 20MondayChocolate Pecan Pie Day
Aug 21TuesdaySpumoni Day
Aug 22WednesdayBe An Angel Day
Aug 23ThursdayRide Like the Wind Day
Aug 24FridayPluto Demoted Day
Aug 25SaturdayKiss and Make up Day
Aug 26SundayDog Appreciation Day
Aug 27MondayThe Duchess Who Wasn't Day
Aug 28TuesdayBow Tie Day
Aug 29WednesdayAccording to Hoyle Day
Aug 30ThursdayFrankenstein Day
Aug 31FridayEat Outside Day
Sep 1SaturdayEmma Nutt Day
Sep 1SaturdayNo Rhyme or Reason Day
Sep 2SundayBison Ten Yell Day
Sep 3MondaySkyscraper Day
Sep 4TuesdayEat an Extra Dessert Day
Sep 5WednesdayBe Late for Something Day
Sep 5WednesdayCheese Pizza Day
Sep 6ThursdayFight Procrastination Day
Sep 6ThursdayRead a Book Day
Sep 7FridaySalami Day
Sep 8SaturdayPardon Day
Sep 9SundayTeddy Bear Day
Sep 10MondaySwap Ideas Day
Sep 11TuesdayMake Your Bed Day
Sep 12WednesdayChocolate Milkshake Day
Sep 13ThursdayPositive Thinking Day
Sep 13ThursdayRoald Dahl Day
Sep 14FridayHug Your Hound Day
Sep 15SaturdayNational CleanUp Day
Sep 15SaturdayMake a Hat Day
Sep 16SundayCollect Rocks Day
Sep 16SundayGuacamole Day
Sep 17MondayInternational Country Music Day
Sep 18TuesdayRice Krispie Treat Day
Sep 19WednesdayNational Gymnastics Day
Sep 19WednesdayInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sep 20ThursdayPunch Day
Sep 21FridayMiniature Golf Day
Sep 22SaturdayHobbit Day
Sep 23SundayCheckers Day
Sep 24MondayPunctuation Day
Sep 25TuesdayComic Book Day
Sep 26WednesdayLove Note Day
Sep 27ThursdayCrush a Can Day
Sep 28FridayAsk a Stupid Question Day
Sep 28FridayGood Neighbor Day
Sep 30SundayHot Mulled Cider Day
Oct 1MondayInternational Coffee Day
Oct 1MondayBalloons Around the World Day
Oct 2TuesdayPhileas Fogg Wager Day
Oct 4ThursdayTaco Day
Oct 5FridayWorld Smile Day
Oct 5FridayChic Spy Day
Oct 6SaturdayCard Making Day
Oct 6SaturdayMad Hatter Day
Oct 7SundayFrappé Day
Oct 8MondayPierogi Day
Oct 9TuesdayCurious Events Day
Oct 10WednesdayHandbag Day
Oct 11ThursdayIt's My Party Day
Oct 12FridayOld Farmers Day
Oct 13SaturdayAstronomy Day
Oct 13SaturdayInternational Skeptics Day
Oct 15MondayI Love Lucy Day
Oct 15MondayNational Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day
Oct 16TuesdayDictionary Day
Oct 17WednesdayWear Something Gaudy Day
Oct 18ThursdayChocolate Cupcake Day
Oct 20SaturdayInternational Observe the Moon Night
Oct 20SaturdaySweetest Day
Oct 20SaturdayInternational Sloth Day
Oct 21SundayCount your Buttons Day
Oct 22MondayCaps Lock Day
Oct 23TuesdayMole Day
Oct 24WednesdayBologna Day
Oct 25ThursdaySourest Day
Oct 26FridayHowl at the Moon Day and Night
Oct 27SaturdayAmerican Beer Day
Oct 28SundayInternational Animation Day
Oct 29MondayInternet Day
Oct 30TuesdayCandy Corn Day
Oct 31WednesdayMagic Day
Nov 1ThursdayAuthor's Day
Nov 1ThursdayMen Make Dinner Day
Nov 1ThursdayInternational Stout Day
Nov 2FridayDeviled Eggs Day
Nov 3SaturdaySandwich Day
Nov 4SundayZero Tasking Day
Nov 4SundayCommon Sense Day
Nov 6TuesdaySaxophone Day
Nov 7WednesdayBittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
Nov 8ThursdayTongue Twister Day
Nov 9FridayChaos Never Dies Day
Nov 10SaturdayForget Me Not Day
Nov 10SaturdayVanilla Cupcake Day
Nov 11SundayOrigami Day
Nov 12MondayHappy Hour Day
Nov 13TuesdayWorld Kindness Day
Nov 13TuesdaySadie Hawkins Day
Nov 14WednesdaySpicy Guacamole Day
Nov 14WednesdayPickle Day
Nov 15ThursdayClean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Nov 15ThursdayUse Less Stuff Day
Nov 16FridayFast Food Day
Nov 17SaturdayTake A Hike Day
Nov 18SundayPush Button Phone Day
Nov 20TuesdayNational Absurdity Day
Nov 21WednesdayWorld Hello Day
Nov 22ThursdayGo For a Ride Day
Nov 23FridayFibonacci Day
Nov 23FridayBuy Nothing Day
Nov 24SaturdayCelebrate Your Unique Talent Day
Nov 25SundayShopping Reminder Day
Nov 26MondayCake Day
Nov 28WednesdayRed Planet Day
Nov 29ThursdayElectronic Greeting Card Day
Nov 30FridayComputer Security Day
Dec 1SaturdayEat a Red Apple Day
Dec 2SundayFritters Day
Dec 3MondayMake a Gift Day
Dec 4TuesdayWear Brown Shoes Day
Dec 5WednesdayDay of the Ninja
Dec 6ThursdayPut on Your Own Shoes Day
Dec 6ThursdayMicrowave Oven Day
Dec 7FridayLetter Writing Day
Dec 8SaturdayPretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
Dec 9SundayChristmas Card Day
Dec 10MondayDewey Decimal System Day
Dec 10MondayJane Addams Day
Dec 11TuesdayNoodle Ring Day
Dec 12WednesdayGingerbread House Day
Dec 14FridayOfficial Lost and Found Day
Dec 14FridayChristmas Jumper Day
Dec 14FridayMonkey Day
Dec 16SundayChocolate Covered Anything Day
Dec 17MondayWright Brothers Day
Dec 19WednesdayUnderdog Day
Dec 20ThursdaySangria Day
Dec 21FridayUgly Sweater Day
Dec 21FridayInternational Dalek Remembrance Day
Dec 22SaturdayDate Nut Bread Day
Dec 23SundayFestivus
Dec 24MondayEggnog Day
Dec 25TuesdayGrav Mass Day
Dec 25TuesdayA'phabet Day or No "L" Day
Dec 26WednesdayThank You Note Day
Dec 27ThursdayNo Interruptions Day
Dec 28FridayCard Playing Day
Dec 29SaturdayPepper Pot Day
Dec 30SundayBicarbonate of Soda Day
Dec 31MondayMake Up Your Mind Day
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Other Fun Holidays around December 12

10 Dec

Jane Addams Day

Honor the life and work of American social worker and suffragist, Jane Addams.

11 Dec

Noodle Ring Day

Go retro and whip up a batch of this vintage dish called noodle ring.

12 Dec

Gingerbread House Day

Bake ginger bread cookies and use them to fashion edible houses and other architectural models.